Dangerous "Hangry" Woman

I'm obviously from Australia and honestly, I had never heard of a "Bloomin' Onion" until I came to the States and saw it on the menu at Outback Steak House. It seems a Florida woman has heard of them and very much likes the onion variety, so much so, that she felt the urge to attack her parents for not taking her there to enjoy her favourite meal.  

The woman was charged with domestic battery after allegedly hitting her elderly mother in the arms and chest for refusing to treat her to dinner at the steakhouse. She then turned on her Dad when he tried to break up the scuffle. 

According to the police report, the first thing Seltzer said to responding officer was: “They should have taken me to Outback and this wouldn’t have happened.”

I guess "hangry" is a really serious emotion. (WTVJ)

📷 Getty Images 

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