Kevin Hart & The Oscars Standoff Continues

Kevin Hart was all set to host the Oscars this year until they asked him to apologize for some old tweets he posted that were in very bad taste. After Hart apologized again he decided to step down from hosting the Oscars. Now Ellen is encouraging him to reconsider.  

Ellen tweeted, "I believe in forgiveness. I believe in second chances. And I believe in @KevinHart4real."

The Queen of Mid-Days is backing up her mate Kevin Hart but has received backlash from the Twitterverse.  

It seems the Twittersphere is split almost 50/50 and the outcome is still unknown. Will Hart host alone, with Ellen or not at all? 

I guess we'll have to watch and see. 

📷 Getty Images

Check out Hart's apology on Ellen here. 

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