Ghostly Injuries

Do you believe in ghosts? Well a young Michigan couple now do after discovering some video footage on their baby cam. Heather Brough and Joshua Higgins were puzzled when they found three scratches on their baby daughter's face.

On the reviewed footage, a shadow figure is seen walking across the room, and it wasn't just some video glitch. The ghostly figure clearly catches the baby's attention because she actually stands up in her crib to look at it. The couple has slept in one room with the baby ever since. 

Heather even recalled a time when she woke up with the feeling that someone had their hand around her throat.

The creepiest part of it all to me is that the couple believes the ghost might be the original owner of the house ..... who committed suicide by jumping out the window!

Maybe it was just a light from a passing car outside but I've attached the footage for you to see for yourself.


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