New Adam Sandler Murder Mystery

June 14 is the date Netflix releases Murder Mystery starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.

I have been obsessed with Jen, like most millennials since watched Friends as a kid.

When I watched this trailer I was laughing aloud in the studio to myself! I can't wait till JUNE Netflix!

Check this out and I promise it will brighten your rainy day.

It seems to have all the elements of an Adam Sandler movie, the silliness, the hilarious one liners and precarious situations and it's mixed with a Hercule Poirot or Murder on the Orient Express feel.

In an interview with Ellen, Adam Sandler revealed that he doesn't like to go out much but Jennifer does and she bring him to everything when they do movies together, including to George Clooney's house where he sat next to Bono!

This just makes me love her more!

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