These Celebrities Served In The Military!

In honor of Veterans Day I was wondering which celebrities have ever served in the Military. Turns out there's more than I thought.

Check out this list.

1.Morgan Freeman turned down a scholarship to join the military. He offered a scholarship to Jackson State in Mississippi, but turned it down and joined the Air Force in 1955. He served just under four years.

2.Gal Gadot from"Wonder Woman" is from Israel. She did years of mandatory service in the Israeli Defense Forces, teaching gymnastics and calisthenics.

Elvis joined the Army AFTER he was already famous. He was drafted in 1958 and decided to serve in the Army instead of doing USO shows. He was stationed in Germany for two years, and met his future wife Priscilla there when she just 14. They didn't get married for another eight years.

Jimi Hendrix was in the Army. He got arrested for driving a stolen car in 1961, and had the choice of either enlisting or going to jail. So he served in the 101st Airborne for about a year, then an honorable discharge after hurting his ankle.

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