Bud Light And Post Malone Have Teamed Up!

My favorite part about the Super Bowl are the advertisements that get put on TV. I remember looking them up online in Australia at this time of year just to feel apart of it.

The one that takes the cake for me this year involves Post Malone, the singer/rapper who collaborated with Ozzy Osbourne in the song "Take What You Want."

Bud light and Post worked together to bring us this hilarious ad about what really happens when someone tries a new Bud Light Seltzer.

In this first video Post is fighting with himself on what flavour to get and I just love it. Bud can only show one ad at the Superbowl and they want us all to vote for our favourite. If I voted this would be the one I pick for sure.

This second one might be your favourite, but you need to vote online to make an impact of which one we'll see on the day.

Head to their Twitter.


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