Want A Job Drinking Beer?

Internships, they can be hard to get but Natural Light (aka Natty Light) is doing it differently and hiring for an entirely remote internship position so you can spend your whole summer working from bed or wherever you want!

The internship application process opens on May 8, and the job description says they're looking for someone "Natty qualified" so essentially that you like beer ... well that shouldn't be hard. They want "an intern who made the most of their college years, had a great time along the way, and will use that momentum to kickstart their career." 

To apply, you must be at least 21, because there is obviously drinking involved in the gig. You'll also attend events as a brand ambassador, create content for social channels, do product research ... (so that's what they call drinking beer these days), design swag, and manage a vlog that documents your drinking .... I mean internship.

Apply here, while sober.


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