Flying Cars By GM Are Here!

The future is now it seems, with so many gadgets being released this year like the Facebook "smart internet glasses" and transparent TV screens by companies like LG. General Motors is the latest on the list to release plans for futuristic technology. On Tuesday GM presented a futuristic flying Cadillac — a self-driving vehicle which takes off and lands vertically and carries the passenger above the streets and through the air.

A senior GM executive described the concept as “reimagining the future of personal transportation.”

The single-passenger Cadillac — technically, a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drone — will be able to travel from urban rooftop to urban rooftop at speeds up to 55 miles per hour.

It is fully autonomous and all-electric, with a 90kW motor, a GM Ultium battery pack and an ultra-lightweight body with four pairs of rotors.

The flying Cadillac was presented in a video as part of a virtual keynote presentation by Chief Executive Mary Barra, along with a family-friendly Cadillac electric shuttle.

The cabin has wraparound lounge-like seating, plus biometric sensors, voice control and hand gesture recognition.

Check it out! Watch, as this Aussie guy explains.

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