Thunder Force Is A Hilarious New Superhero Comedy

This could be amazing: MELISSA MCCARTHY and OCTAVIA SPENCER play SUPERHEROES in a movie called"Thunder Force". And JASON BATEMAN is in it as a guy with lobster claws. 😂

Melissa and Octavia are real-life friends and in the upcoming movie, their characters reunite as adults after being best friends as kids.

It all kicks off with Octavia's character saying "I've been developing a genetic platform that will allow us to give ordinary people superpowers," and of course it all goes down, or uphill (whichever way you want to look at it) from there.

I love that this film is about two women in their forties kicking ass and taking names. Women are real-life superheroes and we should celebrate them, especially this month being Women's History Month.

Check out the trailer here.

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