Sunday Exploring - Fort Lauderdale.

You may remember that my boyfriend and I are checking out new places to eat, drink and be merry these days, around South Florida on a Sunday.

This Sunday, we discovered a cute little coffee shop called Brew Next Door. The combination of coffee, low light and classical music playing softly out of the expansive book cases made it a perfect place to spend a day of rest.

Check out the video I took of my boyfriend and I enjoying the ambience. Side note, he actually knows nothing about coffee so in this video he's researching coffee types and what makes them different. Did I mention, he's super cute?!

All of that sitting and sipping, naturally made us hungry. So we walked next door to Henry's Sandwich Station where I had a killer cobb salad and Clayton had one of their gourmet sandwiches. I have been told they have gluten free bread coming in on Tuesday, so I may have to be back to experience a Cubano sandwich myself.

Tell me that doesn't make you hungry! Check out this cute little sanga shop! (That's sandwich shop to all you Americans haha)

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