Tiger King Star, Joe Exotic Has A Dating Show!

JOE EXOTIC seems to be doing just fine behind bars, he's even coming up with new television series ideas.

In fact the Netflix docuseries star just launched a contest called "Bachelor King" to find his next husband.... even though he is actually still married to Dillon Passage. 😳

The Tiger King star is looking for three men over 18 (thank goodness) who will each receive a romantic (and filmed for TV, of course) 3-night, 4-day all-inclusive paid getaway with Joe once he's released from prison. What a deal! 🙄

Joe said in a quote, "I have been through hell in three years and I intend on making my new life something I have always dreamed of . . . I want to spend it with someone that can take a relationship serious and be in love and enjoy this ride."

His attorney feels positive that he will be released by the end of the year, so Joe is wasting NO time in finding his next husband. 

In case you were wondering, his CURRENT husband has said he, quote, "may not continue to be his husband after all that has happened." So . . . here we are.

If you actually want to apply, (good luck to you) you can apply here on his website until September 25th. Winners will be announced on October 6th, if you can call them that.

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