Terrible At Wrapping Gifts? Here's A List Of Stores That Gift Wrap For You!

In a new survey, 52% of people say the WORST part of the entire holiday season is wrapping presents. And more than half say they go out of their way to buy presents that will be easy to package and wrap. (Full Story

So I looked into it for you and on my blog ive written all about the places that will do gift wrapping for you, including one that you’ll never guess and I'm very excited about - go to big1059.com to check it out.


Amazon’s gift wrap prices ranges from $3.99 to $5.99, depending on size. If you’ve got a bulky item that can’t be easily wrapped, you’ll get a reusable, festive cloth gift bag. The gift wrap that keeps giving! I had no idea about this one until recently and I will be using it all season long!


The signature white box and red ribbon is a sight any recipient would be thrilled to see. The gift wrap will cost you, but you can have a personal message engraved on the back of any iPod or iPad for free. And lets not pretend that we didn't spend and arm and a leg on the item anyway so what's a little more for wrapping it to look so.


Aveda gives you the option to create your own custom, wrapped gift. Fancy! Choose three or more products from the best sellers list and you’ll get a free sample, plus they’ll wrap it for free. That's what we like!

Barnes and Noble:

Barnes and Noble commonly has in-store gift-wrap fundraisers. Different local charities will send volunteers to wrap presents in exchange for the donation amount of your choosing. This is what we did in Australia all through the shopping centers at this time of year and I have yet to find one here in Florida! It's a great idea as then you’ve got a perfectly wrapped present that gives back at the same time.


JCPenney keeps gift wrapping competitive at $4 per package on online orders. You’ll get silver paper, a white bow, and a personalized gift tag. (Items weighing more than 5 pounds aren’t eligible.) In store, you can get a free box but wrapping paper will cost you.

And that's all fine and stuff, but if you want to save your dollars for more gifts ... let's go to trusty old youtube for wrapping lessons and tips!

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