U.S. Military Successfully Demonstrates Laser Weapons

The Military has been hard at work of late creating and testing new-age weapons. The kind of stuff, in my opinion, that you would see in a video game.

And now the next generation of weapon has been successfully fired in a test.

A high energy laser weapon was fired from the USS Portland (the ship named after Portland, Oregon) at a target in the Gulf of Aden, near Yemen. The U.S. Navy released photos as the laser hit its target.

Check them out here!

The Navy used it's $23 million laboratory in California’s Ventura County to create this weapon and the facility will continue to serve as a test facility for new laser weapons.

In the trial the laser successfully shot down a drone last year and seems to be very successful at battling them.

Do you think eventually guns will be a thing of the past, replaced by lasers?

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