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Road rage between two SUVs get intense!

Check out this timed road rage video a man documented below:

0:32 - White SUV cuts off black SUV

0:40 - Black SUV gets pissed, pulls in front of white SUV and comes to a complete stop

0:55 - Having not noticed these previous events, I assume the black SUV is disabled

1:05 - I think the black SUV is pulling over to get out of traffic

1:10 - I start to realize something is amiss. I just let them do their thing.

1:30 - I vacillate between trying to get close enough to capture this for possible police involvement and trying not to get involved myself.

1:42 - White SUV finally overtakes black SUV.

1:55 - Black SUV overtakes white SUV again.

2:03 - Black SUV maybe hits/side swipes the white SUV, who is now off of the side of the highway.

2:33 - Black SUV almost runs the white SUV into the guide rail.

2:44 - White SUV overtakes and both cars pull off onto the shoulder. I had moved into their lane in hopes of getting their license plates. Looks like I did earlier in the video, but I didn't know that at the time.

The man who filmed and timed out the video then said he called the police after.

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