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A Woman Built A Lego Doghouse For Her Actual Dog

A woman made dog house out of Legos.

How many legos you ask?

"Several hundred thousand" pieces Lauretta Quincey said.

From pieces that she collected over the years Lauretta designed and pieced together a life sized doghouse for each of her dogs, Ozzy and Bailey.

"I always wanted to build things my kids could go into, but then I started making them for my first dog, Ozzy, and he loved it," she said.

It took her about three weeks in three to four hour shifts to build it,

"I don’t use my dining room, so I took out the table and that has now become my Lego room," she said.

The biggest doghouse she has ever built now stands at just over six feet tall and over five-and-a-half feet wide, which is big enough for her to stand in and lie down in.

"I could just sit and build puzzles, but this, I just like it so much more," she said.

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