Older Florida men urged to get any prostate problems treated

Many Floridians are heading back to their doctor for a checkup after taking a hiatus during the pandemic. Some conditions may have gone untreated- such as an enlarged prostate that affects many men as they get older. Orlando urologist Dr. Michael D'Angelo runs down some symptoms--

"Start having difficulty with urination. You may have frequency during the day," Dr. D'Angelo says. "You'll start waking up in the middle of the night- you'll start to disrupt your sleep."

Dr. D'Angelo says the condition can often be treated with medication or a minimally invasive procedure. Left untreated it's a different story.

"It does not grow and spread like a cancer but it can significantly impact your quality of life and left untreated- the major issue is that it starts to cause damage to the bladder."

June is Men's Health Month.

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