Woman ‘Knocked Out’ Man Assaulting His Girlfriend

A South Carolina lawyer allegedly beat up his girlfriend in public at a bowling alley —prompting afemale bystander to intervene and knock him out. Pano Michael Dupree, 58, began the altercation when he showed up earlier this month at Ashley Lanes bowling alley in Charleston. He allegedly went up to his girlfriend and “started placing his arms around her neck from behind, trying to place her in a chokehold,” authorities said. When another woman saw, she ran up to Dupree and punched him in the face, knocking him to the ground. He was brought to the hospital before being booked in jail on charges of third-degree assault and battery. Dupree is a lawyer specializing in criminal defense, personal injury litigation, and general services. But he's no stranger to trouble with the law as well. In 2013, Dupree temporarily had his law license suspended following an altercation with a Utah Highway Patrol Trooper.