Paul Castronovo's Open Letter To Ft. Lauderdale


And now...The Paul Castronovo Open Letter To Ft. Lauderdale:

Dear Fort Lauderdale,

I’m a former resident, someone with a key to the city (Thank you Mayor Jack Seiler) who wants to move back (I have looked at 8 properties so far, although I am NOT a fan of the townhouse). But, we are empty nesters, I hate driving long distances to work, and I love the nightlife and proximity to the airport and everything else in Lauderdale. Well, this week was the annual, bi-monthly, bi- yearly (pick one) King Tide, where I actually saw a guy surf down Cordova Road. I think it was Channel 7, who did a story “live from Ft. Lauderdale” and you couldn’t tell where the street began and the canal ended! Water was pouring over the seawall, that was bad, what was worse: The story showed 2 of the houses and the townhouse building we were looking at. My wife immediately shot down that street, but and this is a big but...who would move to a city that half the year is under water AND that the drinking water has a yellowish tint? Lauderdale: Your move.


Pauly C

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