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Castronovo Musings: New Year, Same Old Paul?

Paul Food

Okay, here we go. It's your buddy Paul, and I have a milestone birthday coming up. Last year I had a pretty nice run where I ate healthy and worked out like a beast. I got into some pretty good shape, to the point where people had actually noticed. Here are some insights: Getting into shape is a big thing, because if you are at the gym everyday sweating your ass off and eating healthy and you don’t get any compliments, then what’s the point, right? So, I’m gonna do what I was doing…BUT, and that’s a big BUT (pun intended), when it comes to vacation time, or heading up to Maine for a few weeks, I have to stick with the program, and that has been my downfall forever. I go on vacation and I drink…every….single….day. And, I usually plan on working out and eating well, but something happens (oh, my willpower gives out?) and I go back to being me. In my mind’s eye, I am this thin dude trying to get out. In reality, that was a long f*cking time ago. So, here we go:

Preparation: You can’t eat healthy if you don’t prepare. If I open the fridge and there’s nothing in there but bacon, cheese and beer, well…you know what happens next. But, if I have grilled chicken breasts and some broccoli, already cooked, then I am good to go and there’s a better chance that I will make the right choice.

Be realistic: For me, fad diets don’t work. Maybe it’s because I realize that there’s no way I am ever going to never eat a slice of pizza, a bowl of pasta or a piece of crusty bread. My last name ends in a vowel, I have to be realistic. You can never have sugar ever again. Yeah, okay and the Dolphins will be in the Superbowl next month.

Cheat Days: It doesn’t have to be a whole day! You can have a cheat meal or even eat healthy and have a drink or two. I can give up desserts, that’s real. I would rather have a glass of Papa’s Pilar.

Food at Work: I did this last year and it worked. I banned in studio food. We have a great job, restaurants want to give us their food, and I like to eat. If it’s here, good chance I will try it. If not, then I won’t be tempted!

Workouts: I know how to train, I can be a gym rat. I have had trainers for years, they tell you that it’s 90% diet. I think they’re right. So, add weight training and cardio to healthy eating and theoretically, that fat will follow.

Here’s a workout for you: Chest and Biceps

  • Vertical Chest Press machine: 2 warm up sets then 3 working sets failing at 10 reps, superset that with 3 sets of either machine fly’s or flat dumbbell fly’s:
  • Example:
  • 180 x 10 x 3 sets compound move, low reps
  • 35 x 15 x 3 sets single joint move
  • Do same thing with inclines:
  • Incline dumbbell presses
  • 50 x 10 x 3 sets
  • Incline Dumbbell fly’s
  • 30 x 15 x 3
  • Biceps:
  • Standing EZ Curls, 1-2 warm up sets
  • 3 working sets, super set that with another set, 20lbs lighter…
  • 60 x 10 drop then do 40 x 10 drop total 20 reps (do this 3 times through)
  • Preacher curls:
  • Same as above
  • Finish with 3 sets of Hammer curls, super set with 3 sets of reverse curls
  • Ex: 20 x 10 x 3 sets
  • 40 lb ez bar x 10 x 3 sets
  • Then do 30 -40 mins of regular cardio or 20 minutes of High intensity cardio and pass out.
Paul Food
Paul Food

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