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NEW Fast Food Monstrosities

Anderson's NEW Fast Food Rundown

Folks often scoff at my fast food enthusiasm; like I’m some sort of man-child with zero culinary acumen and a complete ignorance of health. Believe me, 90% of the time I eat decently, I’m not camping outside of Taco Bell every weekend. But occasionally I like to treat myself to some over-indulgent, nap inducing, sodium spiking fast food. I love it. I know it’s garbage; I don’t care. It’s makes me happy, and to me represents the creativity and freedom that has made America so unique and attractive the past few centuries. So why people look down on fast food is beyond me. But my gripe with snooty fast-food food snobs probably deserves its very own post, so let us move on to some interesting new items hitting the market recently.

Papa John’s New Papadia

Papa John’s new Italian-style flatbread called the Papadia launched earlier this month. My first thought: How has no one else thought of this yet?!? Genius! We all do it when eating pizza (unless of course it’s deep dish or has a super thick crust), so why not? I’m fully on board. Brilliant innovation here. Now we just need a pizza burrito… Just take the pizza and roll it up, cut it in half, wrap it in foil, and give me a cup of ranch.

Hardee’s BFC Angus Thickburger

This one launched earlier this month and blew my mind when I saw it. Unfortunately the nearest Hardees is 2 hours away from me so I haven't tried it yet, but I will get there, and I will try this. It’s basically a deep fried slab of cheese that Hardees & Carl’s JR are adding to a burger and breakfast sandwich. They describe it as, “cheddar and mozzarella cheese coated in a seasoned breading, fried crispy until golden brown.” Now I can’t really judge until I try it—it looks like it could be incredible or terrible. But nonetheless I applaud Hardees' innovation and boldness in their endeavor to push forward the fine art of fast food.

New Kentucky Fried Chicken & Donuts

Again, I commend KFC’s bravery here. The sweet and savory flavor profile in the chicken world continues to expand with this fried chicken and donut pairing. Now I’m not sure I want to munch on a donut whilst I eat my chicken tenders... but the chicken sandwich they now offer with the donut bun, is just what the doctor ordered. Drizzle a little hot sauce on there and we’re hitting every taste bud on the tongue. It gets the Anderson stamp of approval.

Burger King’s New French Fry Sandwich

At the moment this is only available in Australia and New Zealand, but God willing it’ll make its way to the states soon, and the immense attention it got last week just might just help in doing so. I threw this in here because it has gotten a ton of attention as of late, but I’m not sure how I feel about it. Although once again I’m very encouraged by BK’s willingness to innovate. I learned it’s a British thing; they call it the Chip Butty apparently, but it was new to me when I saw it. So kudos to them for being adventurous, I will ABSOLUTELY try it if they offer it here in America. (Side note: Did anyone else know that Burger King is actually called Hungry Jack's in Australia?!)

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