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Paul Castronovo's Home Workout

How to work out at home during a “whatever this is”

Ok, we can do this. Either we come out of this thing tanned, rested and ripped (wishful thinking) or pasty white and flabby. Since I can’t handle sitting around the entire day, I’m gonna do some stuff. 

FYI 5 gallons of water can make for a great weight and I might add that a coupe of cans of tomatoes can work too. I bet you can find some stuff in your garage to work out with, c’mon! Who’s with me? Lol

Anyway, here’s what I have:

  • 20lb slam ball
  • 15 lb kettle bell
  • 10 lb medicine ball
  • 5 lb hand weights
  • 50lb resistance bands

Here was today’s workout, which I did in 45 minutes of HIIT training. (High intensity interval training, which involves a short workout and quick bursts of energy with quick resting periods.)

  • High knee steps with 5lb hand weights, 5 sets of 20: Bring knees to chest, walking in place while raising weights above your head, good warm up and will get blood pumping. (Not bad)
  • Resistance bands bench press, 5 sets 20 (short rest)
  • 10 lb medicine ball toss. Throw between legs up into the air, catch repeat, 3 sets 15 (brutal)
  • Resistance bands flys 5 sets 20 (short rest between sets)
  • Kettle bell two hand swing, 3 sets 15 (brutal, heart rate goes up) 
  • One arm kettle bell shoulder press, from ground to over head 3 sets ten (not bad)
  • Resistance bands overhead tricep curls 4 sets 20 (not bad) 
  • Over head slam ball, lift above head, slam to ground pick up repeat 3 sets of 10 (brutal)
  • Kettle bell tricep press, 3 sets 15
  • Standing calf raise, 3 sets 20
  • Medicine ball crunches, 3 sets 30 
  • fall into pool. 

Listened to: ZZ Top, Skynyrd, Robert Plant, Steely Dan, Soundgarden, Tom Petty, Toto, Sugarloaf, The Revivalists, Anderson East and a few others on my gym mix

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