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Paul's Picks: Shows With At Least 100 Episodes For You To Binge

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I’m here to help! No sports on TV. Late night hosts are all repeats. There’s no new shows being made/

What am I supposed to do with my time? I’m thinking about learning Italian on the Duolingo app. Sure, you can work out, but that’s an hour. Read a book, yes! But in most of our situations, we will binge watching whatever garbage we can find on 8000 various streaming services.

If you want to kill some valuable time, consider watching a series that will last the entire virus! Here is a list of shows with at least 100 episodes, some are awesome, some I have never heard of!

Denotes a Pauly Pick*

Adventure Time, 283 episodes. Hulu: Never heard of it, but people apparently love it

*Brooklyn nine nine, 137 episodes, hulu; How can you not love Andy Samberg?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 144 episodes (see Heather) hulu

*Cheers, 273, CBS; Hulu, Netflix It launched the careers of Ted Dansen and Woody

*Chopped, 543 episodes, hulu

Community, 110 episodes, hulu, coming to Netfix

ER, 331 episodes, Hulu

*Frasier, 264 episodes, CBS and Hulu

Gilmore Girls, 153 (see Heather) Netflix , A Heather Fav

Gossip Girl, 121 epsidodes, netflix, It sounds like a Heather fav

How I met your Mother, 208 episodes Hulu

*The Mary Tyler Moore show, 168 episodes Hulu

*The Office, 201 episodes, Netflix

One Piece 924 episodes! Hulu

*Parks and Recreation 125 episodes Amazon Prime and Netflix

*Seinfeld 180 episodes Hulu

*The West WIng 156 episodes

*30 Rock 138 episodes

*Top Chef 246 episodes

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