Over 100 Northwest Florida Whataburger Customers Pay It Forward For 4 Hours

These days, I'm latching on to pretty much any feel-good story I can and this one is awesome.

"There’s nothing like starting the new year with a huge pay-it-forward chain, and we’re humbled this one took place right here at Whataburger," said General Manager Travis Ramsay. 

It all started on Friday, Ramsay explained in an interview with WKRG-TV. The first customer randomly paid for the woman behind him, and "of course she was more than willing to get the person behind her," Ramsay said. By about 10:30 a.m., the staff counted 105 customers who had paid for the meals of the people behind them in line. 

“What we’ve gone through in the past year, to have that much hope delivered in a row, that is absolutely phenomenal,” he said. “It makes folks’ day and probably even their month or brand new year … just to be able to witness that was incredible.”

If you're grabbing lunch at a drive-thru today, why not start your own chain?