Chef Pagano's Recipe of the Week


Two each sandwich size English muffins

6 oz thin sliced rib eye steak from the butcher shop at Doris’

2 each eggs

1 each vadilia onion, sliced thin

1 each garlic clove, whole

3 ozs EVO

1 tablespoon butter

Roasted garlic mayo

2 slices Provolone cheese

2 slices American cheese


  • In a pan, add ½ the olive oil and the onions and garlic clove and sautee over medium heat, turn down to low and cover with lid, stirring every 3 minutes for about 12 -15 minutes.   This will make the onions sweet and caramelized.  Add butter and remove from heat after seasoning
  • Remove the onions from pan and add the steak, season with salt and black pepper and cook on one side for 1 minute and flip and remove from pan to a dish with paper towel
  • Toast English muffin..
  • In same pan, add the olive oil and crack the eggs, over medium heat.   Remove from heat and cover with lid for 3 minutes
  • Build the sandwich.. melt the cheese on the English muffin, mayo, onions, steak and fried egg
  • Crack black pepper and sea salt and serve….

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