Touch This Guys Food, He'll Beat You With A Bat!

A hungry teenager in Alabama man didn't really grasp the basic rules of sharing in Kindergarten; he hit his twin brother with an aluminum baseball bat because he didn’t want to share his tacos...

Tyler Dukes was arrested and charged with second-degree domestic violence after he got “irate” after the dinner that was brought to him by his poor, selfless grandmother didn't have the drink he wanted and he flew off the handle when his twin brother wanted some of the tacos. 

Can you say spoiled brat? 

Instead of asking kindly to lay off his dinner, Tyler figured the sensical thing to do would be to grab the family baseball bat and make sure his twin would think twice before messing with a guy that didn't get his desired Mountain Dew! 

We don't know if Tyler actually wanted a Mountain Dew, it just feels like a drink that would apply in this situation. 

Tyler's twin was treated in the hospital and he's supposed to be ok, but Tyler...he's in jail probably wishing he had just shared his dinner because no one is paying his bail. 

Surely, his grandmother is ashamed. 

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