If You're Going To Selfie At A Strip Club, Leave The Gun At Home!

Headed to the strip club? 

Never leave home without: cash, gum and a gun. 

KIDDING! Leave the gun at home, especially after what happened to this guy in St. Petersburg in December because he's now in jail for it...for the next six years and five months.

Rorn Sorn was just like any other guy at Club Lust: hanging with the girls and making it rain when he went into the bathroom to take a selfie. 

Why would he take a selfie in the bathroom and not surrounded by a bunch of strippers we'll never know...

Rorn unfortunately left the house with a gun which accidentally went off mid mens room selfie, pierced the mirror and went through the wall into the ladies’ room! 

Thankfully no one was hurt but the cops got involved and found his weapon of choice:  a .40-caliber gun, plus goodies like marijuana and Xanax in Rorn's pockets. 

Maybe it was all a misunderstanding but we likely won't hear his version of events until 2023 at the earliest, so take a lesson from Rorn's mistakes: go to the strip club, selfie with the dancers, tip well and leave the gun at home!

You're welcome.

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