Elvis Fans Paying Respects At Graceland Forced To Pay Up!

Even if you weren't alive when Elvis Presley died, it's still easy to see and hear his impact on American and worldwide culture. 

Wednesday was 40 years since Elvis passed away at 42 at his Graceland Estate in Memphis and fans didn't celebrate the way they wanted to this year. 

Fans were always able to walk with a procession that goes past his grave at Graceland for an annual candlelight vigil to pay their respects at his headstone. 

It used to be free. This year it was $28.75! 

To be fair, that price does include access to restaurants, gift shops, and an entertainment tent where people could gather before the vigil, but all that used to be free!  

Unfortunately, loyal Elvis fans were pissed, upset they weren’t warned ahead of time but they had no choice but to suck it up and pay the fees. The Graceland social media pages weren't exactly filled with love over the mess today and many fans coming from different countries didn’t know about the extra cash which made their experience limited. 

Priscilla Presley did give a pretty cool interview with The Today Show to honor The Kings memory 40 years later:

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