Florida Has A Tax For Netflix? Yup.

If we're being honest, how many people really check up on every bill we pay, especially when it's set for auto pay? 


You might want to start looking into things again because Florida is charging customers a "Netflix tax"! It also covers Hulu and most streaming services as part of the  "Florida Communication Services Tax" and they're taking up to 13% from us to stream stuff.  

These taxes can translate to additional fees of less than $1 each month to consumers, but that can add up over the months and tacking that onto multiple streaming services like Netflix and Hulu that can add up to $50 or more each year! 

States are going nuts trying to figure out how to get money from us now that the times are changing; we don't use cable tv the way we used to (or at all, really) and RIP Blockbuster so there is no direct way for the state government to make extra money from us anymore so they had to get smart about it. 

But we can be smart too: start looking at your bills and paying attention to extra fess that weren't always there - one person on Reddit who lives in Florida noticed it and made the public aware.  

Can we fight Netflix tax? Maybe. But there's more power in numbers so tell your friends! 

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