What Happens When Drunk Ladies Get Thrown Out Of An Uber?

Two drunk ladies have gone viral after they were kicked out of their Uber for puking in the backseat of the car, but that's just the start of what turned into an epic brawl in the streets of LA! 

The Uber driver, Travis Cole, filmed 6 minutes of the women going on a rampage, damaging not only his car in retaliation with their fists and heels but then took out their anger further on nearby cars filled with people who were waiting in line at a burger restaurant. 

Bystanders trying to stop the madness were also attacked by the women, who by this point had lost their shoes, most of their clothes and hairpieces; a very brave woman was able to fight off one of the attackers and put her under a citizens arrest until the cops finally arrived and became victims of assault themselves!

Thankfully, Travis caught most of the disaster on his phone for insurance purposes and our personal pleasure...enjoy!

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