Why Are Dogs Turning Blue In India?

Something strange is happening to Indian dogs: they're turning blue. 

These dogs with bright-blue fur have been seen roaming around in the Taloja area of Navi Mumbai and Pollution Control Board officials now think that the dogs were swimming in the Kasadi River and came out blue from untreated industrial waste.

Yep, untreated WASTE. 

But who's responsible? A local factory that uses blue dye to make detergent is looking like the obvious group to blame. 

Thankfully, the blue dye seems to be water based and the blue dogs aren't necessarily suffering any side effects but there are lab tests happening to make sure and there is now a temporary gate to keep the dogs out of the water.

If anyone has been to India, cows and dogs openly roam the streets and roads; cows are sacred in the country and dogs are considered "community-owned" by law.

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