Japanese Adults Are Looking To The Past For Stress Relief!

Stressed out Japanese Adults are turning to swaddling to relax! 

Yes, swaddle as in a baby. But these people are adults. 

It’s actually a huge thing in Japan right now: it’s called otonamaki: translated to adult swaddling. 

Don't get confused: Otonamaki isn't a sexual practice; it’s strictly meant for de -stressing, a calm mind and it can help with posture, back pain, anxiety and postpartum depression according to the people that swear be swaddling method. The Japanese have people who will do this to strangers, for a fee and leave them wrapped up in a blanket or sheet for about a half an hour! 

They sit down on a large sheet and pulling the knees to the chest. Then you are completely tied into the bedding, like a cocoon. A very creepy cocoon. 

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