Game Of Thrones Fans Are Cleaning Up In The Dating World! has put out a new “Singles in America” survey and there are a lot of Game of Thrones fans doing very well in the dating scene! 

Game of Thrones fans are 81% more likely to get a date and 61% more likely to have had sex in the last year! 

But what, there's more!

GOT people are well educated - they're are 70% more likely to have a PhD.

Want more stats? Game of Thrones fans are...

  • 44% more likely to have a graduate degree, 
  • 23% more likely to have a BA
  • 31% more likely to be into yoga and 42% more likely to be into skiing.
  • Earning a higher income (83% more likely to make $150K+ and 39% more likely to make $100-$150K).
  • 62% more likely to work in law 
  • 40% more likely to be into politics or foreign films.
  • 47% more likely to be liberal or very liberal,
  • 24% less likely to be conservative, 
  • 62% less likely to be ultra conservative.

Sadly, things haven't worked out as well for fans of The Walking Dead: -  They get 20% less matches than GOT people. 

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