Florida Day of the Dead

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017 get ready for the eighth installment of this ever popular and very spirited festival of remembrance and revelry. On this date, it is believed that the gateway between Mictlan, the ancient Aztec land of the dead, and our own opens up so we can dance and sing with our lost loved ones for one special time of year.

The event features artists, performers, mariachi musicians, dancers and entertainers, and families and revelers enjoy the event by dressing up, getting face painted, and enjoying a great Mexican themed food truck line up and original indie arts and crafts stalls.

The Celebration starts at 4pm in Huizenga Plaza on Las Olas Boulevard where mask and puppet making, sugar skull face painting, traditional live music and dance performances will be on offer. Officials from the Fort Lauderdale City Commission and the Consulate General of Mexico will formally welcome participants at 6pm.

At 6:30pm, the Skeleton Processional, featuring over 45 giant puppets and 1000 skeletons will follow Mariachi musicians along the Fort Lauderdale Riverwalk, culminating at the Folklorico Stage and Muertos Street Festival on SW 3rd Ave. Food trucks, traditional dance, interactive street performers, and original indie art and crafts will be available in the surrounding area and in America's Backyard nightclub.

Visit http://www.dayofthedeadflorida.com/ for more info!

8th Annual Florida Day of the Dead

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