Look Out For This Netflix Scam In Your Email!

There is a huge scam floating around the internets this week. 

Over 110 million Netflix subscribers have been targeted with an email posing as a request from Netflix to update their information, saying there are problems with billing info. 

The email will ask you to click a button within the email to “restart” their membership, with a link which will take you to what appears to be the Netflix login page, but it has a different URL. 

You’re supposed to enter all your personal info, even credit cart info...


Any info you provide will be enough information for a criminal to steal your identity and get access to your bank account. Bad news. 

If you enter all that information, you get sent a “reactivation” screen with a green check mark. But if you’ve done that, you’ve fallen for their scheme.

Double check your emails today, and if you get anything that looks like the image below, report it for SPAM immediately. 

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