PHOTOS: Paul's Thanksgiving Vacation

This vacation it was “put your money where your mouth is”, as we started off with one of my famous, “Father Son weekends”, as the kid gets older and going off to college next year (here come the tears), these Father Son weekends are getting fewer and fewer, but I love em…my, AJ, Tommy B, Little Tommy B and Stevie Reevie and his kid took off to Islamorada to fish, eat and spend a few bucks…the people In the Keys need our $$$$


I fished with Captain George Campbell on the Snapshot! (I have been fishing with him since AJ was a baby) he’s just a great guy and as you can see, we caught lots!


We ate at Chef Michaels (the best restaurant in Islamorada)

Green Turtle Inn (legendary spot, been around for 100 years)

Shrimp Shack (I saw this one on Diners Drive ins and Dives, crazy good shrimp and grits!)


Then it was Thanksgiving and off to Gainesville to watch FSU beat my Gators and to find an apartment for my kid…..

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