The Least Safe City In America Is In Florida!

WalletHub has put out their list of the safe and LEAST safe cities in America and frankly, it's depressing for a South Floridan! 

They used different types of violent crime per capita and the risk of getting hit by an earthquake, hurricane (or other natural disaster), and even factoring in economic influences like the cities poverty rate and identity theft complaints!

The top and bottom 5 is listed here but don't forget to consult the map below to find all the safe and least safe cities in America!

Safest Cities in America: 

1.Nashua, NH 

2.South Burlington, Vt.

3.Warwick, RI

4.Columbia, Md.

5.Gilbert, Ariz.

Least Safe Cities in America: 

1.Fort Lauderdale, Fla.(!!!!!!!!!!!) 

2.St. Louis; MO 

3.San Bernardino, Calif.

4.Oklahoma City, OK

5.Detroit, MI 

See the full lists HERE.

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