Record Setting Adventure

Nick Ziegler’s taste for adventure has blown him into the record books — the Pompano Beach 30-year-old said he made Saturday’s planned 56-mile trip across the Gulf Stream from Florida to Bimini.

Ziegler believes his four-hour journey will end up in Guinness World Records as the longest kiteboarding run in history.

“We arrived just before a perfect sunset,” he messaged Sunday morning.

He would have had to average speeds of 15 miles an hour to make it in that time.

So what is a hydrofoil kiteboard? It’s a kiteboard that has a mast on its underside that ends with a silicon wing. And, once the wind catches the sail, the device lifts the board clear of the water. It can enable the rider to hover 3 feet above the water.

“It’s a feeling of total freedom,” said Ziegler, who teaches kiteboarding through his company Epic Adventures FL. “It’s so addictive that once you do it, you’ll find yourself sitting at a meeting, looking outside to see if there’s enough wind.”

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