KFC Jumps on the Gravy Train with New 'Stock-Tails'


Is the gravy at KFC your favorite part of the meal? Then you’re going to love their newest marketing campaign, which finds a whole new way to enjoy that savory sauce. KFC is getting in the “stock-tail” game and has created three cocktails featuring their “so good you can drink it” gravy.

In case you’re wondering what a “stock-tail” is (like we were), it’s basically a cocktail made with animal stock or bone broth and they’ve been a growing trend for a few years. So KFC enlisted the help of an expert mixologist to create three meaty drinks - the Gravy Mary, the Finger Lickin’ Sour, and the bourbon-based Southern Twist.

If you really love gravy, or you're just into weird foods like Andrew Zimmern, KFC has thoughtfully shared the recipes for the drinks on their YouTube channel. Enjoy!



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