Woman Allegedly Told To FLUSH Her Pet On A Flight!

A woman from Miami Beach flying Fort Lauderdale  is speaking out, saying she was forced to destroy her emotional support hamster after Spirit Airlines said she was allowed to bring him on the flight...then took it back! 

Back in November, Belen Aldecosea said she checked twice with the airline to see if it was ok and she was told it was a green light to bring her hamster, Pebbles on the plane, but when she got on the flight out of Baltimore, Spirit refused, saying that Pebbles was a true comfort animal and she had her doctor’s letter certifying it! 

But Spirit held strong, and said it was a rodent that could’t get on the plane and it couldn’t be checked with cargo. 

Belen said she checked at least six rental car agencies, but no cars were available during the busy holiday season and she wasn’t old enough to rent a car anyway, so when she tried to reason with Spirit she says and agent suggested flushing the hamster, which they’re denying!

But Belen did...he said she had no other choice. 

FYI: Dwarf hamsters grow no more than four inches and weigh less than two ounces. A typical cellphone is longer and twice as heavy.

Belen is now considering filing a lawsuit against Spirit. 

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