Family Buys House In Arizona With Dirty Dirty Past!

A woman was forced to pull out (haha) from buying a $1.8 million house in Paradise Valley, Arizona at the last minute after finding out that it had been used as the set! 


A woman named Linda Fein was negotiating the price for the house and making plans to move in when her real estate agent told her that the previous owners were in the entertainment industry but didn't say anything more. 

Linda did some research about the previous owners was shocked that the use of the home was the location porn shoots, particularly, for Wifey's World, a porno website ran by the married couple Kevin and Sandra Otterson, known as 'Hubby' and 'Wifey' to their fans for nearly 20 years! 

Yeah, Linda wasn't having it and yanked (haha) her $1.7 million offer to buy the house. 

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