Parkland Memorial Sculpture

Plans are underway to create a memorial sculpture for the 17 whose lives were taken in the Parkland school shooting. 

Sculptor, Zachary Knudson, of Coral Springs has teamed up with other volunteers to donate their resources and time in planning the tribute. The sculpture will rise to 15 feet and during the day, will cast shadows around its base and at night it will illuminate the victim's names. 

Knudson began designing the sculpture the night after the shooting, as he couldn't sleep. It's a "remembrance so that they're not forgotten, said Knudson. It "has a lot of light and hope involved in the design." 

Knudson is a Stoneman Douglas graduate himself and was a neighbor of Aaron Feis, the coach who died while he was shielding students from the gunfire. 

What an amazing way to honor those who lost their lives. We can't wait to see this! 

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