Miami Beach Wants to Control Spring Breakers

Commissioners in Miami beach are putting their heads together to brainstorm ideas to tone down the vibe of Spring Break on South Beach. 

At the Miami Beach commission meeting on Wednesday, they discussed the hectic spring break weekend that attracted party goers from all over the world, which forced  police to temporarily block incoming traffic on Saturday on the MacArthur Causeway.

Some of their ideas include increasing marijuana arrests, limiting alcohol sales, banning scooter rentals, and... blasting classical music..?

Congressional candidate, Rosen Gonzalez, suggested blasting music that spring breakers would hate, in hopes of breaking up the party. Some of his suggestions? Marches by John Philip Sousa or some Mozart. 

Something tells me that plan would backfire and the spring breakers would eat it up, perhaps even remix the classic tunes or party even harder.

Think they will have to be more creative....

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