Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz Gets Fan Mail

Mass murderer Nikolas Cruz is receiving tons of love letters and fan mail at the Broward County Jail, along with hundreds of dollars in contributions. 

Women and men of all ages are writing to the Parkland School shooter filled with words of encouragement, friendship and some are even sending suggestive photos. 

This takes the bad boy obsession to a whole new level...

One woman from Chicago enclosed nine suggestive photos - including one in a skimpy bikini while eating a popsicle and a cleavage shot, another girl wrote him a letter saying, "Your eyes are beautiful and the freckles on your face make you so handsome. I'm really skinny and have 34C sized breasts." 

Howard Finkelstein, Broward County Public Defender, whose office is representing Cruz, says "In my 40 years as public defender, I've never seen this many letters to a defendant. Everyone now and then gets a few, but nothing like this." 

Finkelstein said that he worries "everyday boys and girls are starting to view him in an elevated way, looking up to his fame and notoriety. The letters shake me up because they are written by regular, everyday teenage girls from across the nation. That scares me. It's perverted." 

Cruz "is a magnet for women who want to save him," California forensis psychiatrist and author Carole Leiberman said. "He looks like such a sad and lonely figure." She says that these women have low self-esteem and have "become imbued with the killer's power." 

Cruz has not seen the mail because he is on suicide watch and is locked in alone in a bare cell. 

This is all extremely disturbing...

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