Hard Loss In Jacksonville As Beloved Alpaca Dies

A beloved pet has passed on this week due to extremely unfortunate circumstances. The pet in question was an alpaca in Jacksonville, FL. Despite warnings from the community, a motorist in a blue car was reportedly the cause of the animal's death, according to Action News Jack

Creekside Animal Hospital said that they worked on the alpaca for a total of 36 hours before it eventually succumbed to the effects of its treatment. In their report with Action News Jack, the hospital states that it even went as far as to attempt a blood transfusion, using blood from the alpaca's father. Unfortunately, their immense efforts weren't enough. The little alpaca had already over indulged into the various snacks including peanuts and Doritos. 

The current belief coming out of the animal hospital is that they're not going to be able to keep the rest of the herd safe, and concern continues to grow. Moving all of the animals away from the culprit's area is the current likely plan. 



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