1,000 Pound Gator Caught At Lake Okeechobee

Jim Howard of Cooper City probably never expected to be known as the man that captured a 12-foot, 1,000 pound alligator. However, an encounter on Lake Okeechobee changed that forever as Howard, along with two friends, successfully accomplished this colossal feat. 

Howard spoke to WPLG saying that he saw the giant gator just before sunset and decided to try and catch it. Howard recalled, "I figured I'd try for him. So I put the bait in the water and about 30 minutes later he finally went after it and took it." 

After some trying, Howard was joined by a friend and the friend's son. After an hour and a half of tugging and pulling, Howard and his two allies were able to successfully capture the enormous beast. 

Howard says that he plans to make purses and wallets out of the gargantuan gator, and that he'll keep the skull. 

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