'Beer Mile' Runner DQ'd For Choosing Speed Over Booze

Corey Bellemore of Windsor, Canada has cemented a complicated, somewhat comedic legacy in a short amount of time. He set the world record time of 4:33 in the Beer Mile World Classic in 2017, and he thought he had topped himself this year. Well, everyone thought he did...until just 4.5 ounces of beer made all the difference. 

You see, in the 'Beer Mile' run, you have to consume a certain amount of the wonderful beverage while also successfully completing the race to actually win. So in this case, the second place winner named Dale Clutterbuck ended taking the first place spot with a time of 4:47. So in this writer's opinion, an argument could be made that Clutterbuck might just be better at partying, and therefore more well rounded. 

Despite this less than stellar outcome, Mr. Bellemore remains positive and good humored, as evidenced by his tweet. 

And lastly, Bellemore also spoke with TMZ about the unfortunate occurence. 

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