Motorcycling With His Feet: A Florida Story

The roads in Florida often times provide sights and sounds that you'd need to be there for to actually believe. Thankfully, with the modern miracle that is cell phone cameras, we're able to capture all of the ridiculousness with ease. Such is the case with what Rashand Anderson Glespen saw and subsequently recorded for her social media: A man cruising north on I-95. But no, it wasn't a normal cruise. He was leaning back and driving with HIS FEET. 

Glespen told the Miami Herald that it was “really neat to see something like that." But she then continued with a sense of self preservation saying, “But I didn’t hang around after taking the video because I knew it wouldn’t take much for that to become a mess and I didn’t want to risk being Involved in an accident.”

All we at the show can say is that we wouldn't try this. Well...maybe we'd record it for the show. But that's the only way, because Heath C. Murphy of the Jones Law Group in St. Petersburg confirmed with the Herald that this man could be in serious trouble if and when he's identified. 

Check out this Instagram post to see for yourself: 

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