Woman In Wheelchair Seen Riding In Pickup Bed

The crazy sights on the roads of Florida never really cease to amaze us all. This time, an elderly woman in a wheelchair is the focus of the online frenzy. The woman in question wasn't simply riding her wheelchair on the road, which would have been bad enough. She was sitting in her wheelchair while riding in the bed of a pickup truck! 

The video that's been making the rounds comes from Billy BigRig at Fox News 13. What he called "redneck Uber" was seen driving south on I-75.

Despite the obviously dangerous situation, the elderly woman and her driver were NOT actually breaking the law. Officer Steve Hegarty, the police spokesman for Tampa PD, reportedly said that riding in the back of a pickup truck isn't illegal as long as you're over 18 years of age. 

Check out the absurdity below: 

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