Paul Flart: A New Viral Sensation

An internet sensation has emerged in the form of Doug, a Florida hospital security guard. Doug is a regular citizen like us here at the show and all of you wonderful readers. But what separates us from Doug is that Doug has an alter ego. Enter: "Paul Flart," Doug's comedic riff on the Paul Blart character played by Kevin James. But what's the new comedic twist you ask? Well, the answer is very simply...farts. Doug has filmed all of his farts while at work for six months straight, and the internet is loving it. 

The Paul Flart Instagram account's video compilation has racked up over 374,000 views as of the publishing of Vice's article on this new hero. There he is quoted as saying: "“It transcends all languages. There’s no translation necessary, it’s just funny." 

Immortal words, Doug. Immortal words indeed. 

Below is a sample of the Paul Flart brand of comedy. Let us know what you think! 

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