Poop Patrol: San Fran's $830,000 Investment

The city of San Francisco has a particular problem, of the gross droppings variety. The people of the city have faced a plentiful enemy on their streets and sidewalks for too long, and they're putting a whole lot of money into stopping it. The menace in question? Poop. Yes, that's right. Human feces. I know, it doesn't seem serious, but it is. There's so much that a force must be assembled. 

This force, according to The Daily Wire, is going to cost $830,977. That's right. It's only a handful of people on the roster for this excrement-Avengers, but each of them is going to make six figures, coming in at around $100,000. unfortunately for these brave men and women, San Francisco isn't exactly a place where a 100K salary is going to get you as far as you might think. 

Below is KPIX CBS's report on this venture. Let us know what you think! 



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